A warm welcome to Henhouse Pottery, a husband and wife team with very different approaches to pottery making, yet a shared passion for working with clay.

Our journey began twenty-five years ago when we met as friends whilst completing a Creative Arts degree. From those early days with a shared joy for a love of the arts, we would spend many an evening chatting and planning artistic ventures whilst turning the spare room of our first home into an art studio. Years later, with a growing family, we are now incredibly lucky to have turned those early dreams into a reality. We now have our own garden studio where we both indulge our creative outlets, although in our own individual ways.

Dave prefers to make a range of functional pieces created on the potter's wheel. Jenny, on the other hand, prefers to explore print and texture and gets a great deal of pleasure from creating more decorative ceramics and gift ware. We both feel that our different styles will give you an insight into our different personalities and cater for a wide range of tastes.

There is nothing quite like someone purchasing our one off pieces and finding loving new homes for them. Talking with people who buy our work is always exciting and we never know where our pottery may end up.

Please enjoy taking the time to view our hand made ceramics and don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like a bespoke piece crafting for a special place, person or occasion.

Thanks for looking,

Jen and Dave


Thank you for taking a look!


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